Dental services of Polyclinic Medikadent

Teeth whitening

Nowadays, healthy, beautiful and radiant smile is one of the biggest aesthetic features of each person. Change of tooth colour is a great aesthetic problem.


Laser technology considerably reduces bleeding because of high energy light which helps accelerate clotting.

It is used in oral surgery, periodontics, treating symptoms of herpes, mouth ulcers, reducing the sensitivity of tooth necks.


Endodontics is the branch of dental medicine which involves the treatment of root canal, extraction or mining nerve root canal.

Polyclinic Medikadent use electronic devices driven.


Orthodontics is the branch of dental medicine which deals with the correction of irregular teeth position and relations between the jaws, during growth and development and even later in life.


Periodontics is a special branch of dental medicine which deals with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the periodontium.

In Polyclinic Medikadent all interventions of periodontal surgery are performed with minimally-invasive techniques.