CAD-CAM Techonology

In the Medikadent Polyclinic we offer the latest technology for dental replacements, the CAD-CAM technology of the well-known German brand Schütz Dental Group, based on computer 3D programs. There is virtually no human error in this type of technology.

CAD-CAM technology is a computer technique that enables you to obtain three-dimensional tooth models. The abbreviation CAD means design by computer while the abbreviation CAM means computer production.

CAD-CAM computer technology enables the modeling of fixed prostheses, crowns, inlays, onlays and complete dentures of a ceramic or zirconium block that is precisely stained by a computer.

It is a new form of making various dentures. This technology is based on the scanning system of the working model, mechanical milling and sealing.

The goal of this technology is to shorten the time for processing dental prostheses and to make as few mistakes during fabrication.

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