All on FOUR / ALL on SIX

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All on FOUR and All on SIX treatment concept

The minimum invasive solution with fixed protection for the patient’s great pleasure.

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All on 4 and All on 6

Concept of treatments

If you do not have too much time or you have very high requirements of everyday life All on Four procedure, a worldwide technology hit allows patients to say “goodbye” to prostheses in just few days.

It is the rapid installation of four implants in edentulous jaw, digitally designed using the most modern software, CAD-CAM technology.

all on 4

In few days the patient is given a prototype tooth that serves as a temporary solution. After several months provisional bridge is replaced by definitive ceramic bridge.

Polyclinic Medikadent uses only certified dental implants and provides the augmentation in the case of bone deficiency with various surgeries such as external and internal sinus lift and bone regeneration.

Advantages of All on FOUR and All on SIX

  • Long life solution for teeth

  • Brushing and celaning as with natural teeth

  • No removal an cleaning every night

  • Minimum recovery time