Guided implant surgery

What is guided implant surgery

In our Polyclinic we use the new method of implant placement with minimal incisions and high accuracy where human error is almost impossible.

The image taken with the CBCT device is opened in 3D processing software where the virtual procedure is simulated and the correct position of the implant placement, upgrade and superstructure (crown) is planned.

This simulation provides a detailed virtual procedure plan by avoiding, in this way, risky surgical areas. Here, the optimal angle of inclination for the construction of implants is accurately observed depending on the quantity and quality of the available bone. Finally, crowns are placed on the implants as determined at the beginning of the procedure plan.

Since our Polyclinic has a 3D printer, our tooth mechanics can immediately create a special surgical pattern based on a virtual procedure plan. With us, you will not have to wait a few days for the surgical pattern to be made because we make it right away in our lab. The pattern will allow the surgeon to implant exactly as planned in the virtual program without major incisions and suturing.

What are the advantages of guided implant surgery?

  • Faster and more precise surgery
  • Less invasive surgery (minimal use of a scalpel)
  • Quick recovery
  • Less sutures, stitching, bleeding, swelling and a sense of “operation”

Computer guided implant surgery

It is important to know that in our clinic we use latest dental technology to provide the patient with as less invasive procedure as possible during implantation.

Thanks to advanced software, the guided implantology program allows the oral surgeon to plan each step of implant placement in detail based on the CBCT scan.

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