Dental surgery


Apicotomy is a minor surgical procedure, which removes the top of the tooth root. As a rule, is performed only if dental treatment, as well as re-tereatment and filling root canals, not achieved the target, and that is the withdrawal of inflammation around the apex of the tooth.

Construction of the jaw bone

Polyclinic Medikadent apply only certified products of high quality. Artificial bone in the form of particles, pastes, pellets of various size, structure and properties is effective for filling (augmentation) defects of a certain size and shape.

However, if there is not enough of their own bone cells that could be ingrown into bone augmentation, must be in some other place to take the bone and (in the form of a block, ring) to build the missing bone.

Split crest

If the local anatomy permits, it is possible to avoid building blocks of bone before placing the implant (blocks need 4-7 months of integration before can be implanted). In less acute atrophy, bone is extended with special instruments. In more acute atrophy, jawbone is longitudinally split with ultrasonic surgery, expanded and in this space are installed implants.

Sinus lift

Surgical techniques of sinus lift give very good results, depending on the amount of existing bone, it’s about closed or open sinus lift. When the molars of the upper jaw are missing for a long time, sinuses descend. When is missing height of the jaw bone to place the implant, then approaches the technique of sinus lift.

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