About us

Specialized dental center

Polyclinic Medikadent is a specialized dental center based on highly qualified and motivated personnel, and the most advanced technologies in dentistry in the presence of the highest quality materials at the global level.

We are located in northwestern Croatia in Križevci , only 30 minutes from Zagreb. The city is located on the main road and railway transport route. Križevci is a small nice town with untouched nature and rich forests of the hilly countryside at the foot of mountain Kalnik, with a continental climate which attracts many guests.

We are continuously working on improving the highly professional personnel abroad and in the country, investing in the most sophisticated technology in dentistry and use the highest quality materials, and ranked among the best dental clinic in the region.

A multidisciplinary team of doctors, specialists, dental assistants and dental technicians offers all the services of modern dentistry with the modern equipment in one place, from the simplest through to complex procedures with maximum care of your health and esthetics.

Our mission is to restore the smiles on the faces of our patients.

In Polyclinic Medikadent mood and ambience are pleasant and cheerful.

With us there is no waiting. Today’s accelerated lifestyle demands a prompt and efficient service.

Reasonable prices and the most modern dentistry with us are a reality, and also a wide range of payment.

Guarantee up to 10 years to our services reflects our values with the highest standards in modern dental diagnostics and therapy.

Dental surgeries

Polyclinic Medikadent provides you with the highest standard of services with quality, full safety and comfort in nine most modern equipped dental surgeries where in one place is unified supreme knowledge of dental medicine, and experience on the most modern equipment in diagnosis and therapy.

In Polyclinic Medikadent we pay special attention to each individual patient. For us it is very important to devote ourselves to the patient and assure the maximum care in our dental surgeries.

The diagnostic center Medikadent uses following digital devices:

3D CBCT gives a three dimensional image of the upper and lower jaw, full craniography of the head with the surrounding anatomy that is used to create a detailed plan for integration of systems
Digital RVG; the radiovisiography indicates an X-ray detection method and diagnostics in dentistry
Intraoral camera displays each tooth and surrounding structures
Laser teeth whitening is used in oral surgery and periodontics, and also to treat the symptoms of herpes and oral aphthae
ZOOM lamp teeth whitening

The above are just some of the technologies that complement and enhance the quality and efficiency of our services.

Clean room technology

Polyclinic Medikadent is one of the few clinics that uses the technology of “clean room”.

Technology “clean room” engineering is a field that deals with the protection of certain processes and areas of adverse external conditions.

Technology “clean room” is usually defined and controlled space designed in a way that is input, generating, collecting and retaining particles (contaminants) minimized and controlled.

It is an area in which the filtered air has a positive pressure relative to surrounding areas in all operating conditions and the air effectively washes space. It is a space in which all relevant parameters such as temperature and relative humidity are strictly controlled, and noise, lighting and other parameters optimal in terms of providing the high level of security during the intervention.

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