Aligner fitter – to make your therapy more successful!

Benefits for patiens

  • easier adjustment of aligners on teeth
  • easier adjustment of aligners on teeth
  • reduces the possibility of gaps between aligners and teeth
  • short treatment

It is common for patients to have difficulty placing an aligner (invisible braces) on their teeth on the first day. Nothing unusual because they are doing it for the first time. It also happens that the aligners do not sit completely on the patient’s teeth. Using fitters, aligner will sit in the right place and allow the planned therapy to be as effective and successful as possible.

Aligner fitter – what it is and when to use it

Aligner fitter is a small cylinder made of medical material that meets EU and US Food Contact Materials (FCM) standards, so that patients can use it as safely as possible in the mouth. It looks like a small roller and bites while the aligners are on the teeth.

Except for the first placement of an aligner, it is necessary for patients to use fitters every time they place an aligner on their teeth, and in this way it is easier and more accurate to place the aligner in the intended place.

How to use Aligner fitters? One aligner, one fitter

Aligner fitters are used in conjunction with aligners in such a way that each time an aligner is placed on the teeth, patients use an aligner fitter to make their aligners sit as tightly as possible to the patient’s teeth. This ensures better grip and more precise action of the forces involved in the movement of the teeth. The possibility of gaps between the aligner and the tooth is also reduced. The fitters are used for 2-3 minutes each time the aligner is placed on the teeth in such a way that the fitter bites while the aligners are on the teeth. For hygienic reasons, it is recommended that the fitters be changed once a week, ie together with a change of aligner.

Aligner fitter