Diagnostics & Lab


The most comprehensive and accurate analysis

Polyclinic Medikadent plan implant therapy is made with the help of CBCT device, computed tomography, 3D technology that allows verification of bone tissue, as well as observation of a possible lack of necessary bone for implant placement.

RVG digital device

Modern digital dental X-ray

In our clinic we use modern digital dental X-ray. Its great advantage is minimal amount of harmful radiation with function and quality as classic X-ray equipment.

CAD/CAM technology

Use of computer technology for maximum precision

Polyclinic Medikadent offers the latest technology for the modelation of the prosthesis, the so-called CAD-CAM technology (Schutz Dental Group). It is based on 3D computer programs, there is virtually no chance of human error.

3D printing

Creating three-dimensional objects from digital files

Our dentistry laboratory owns 3D printing which helps us by creating precise dental models like teeth and jaws, crowns, bridges and prosthetics. The 3D printer enables a smoother workflow and more satisfied patients.